I’d Rather Call It Fork You.

BY ALLISON If you were with us from Day One, about a year ago, you probably remember “Get Wicked Healthy”. That was our name when we first opened, and to come up with that name Rachel and I had spent countless brainstorming hours and shed gallons of frustration-tears trying to name our fledging business. We’d each come […]

The Visit

BY RACHEL Did you know I used to live in North Carolina? For twelve years.  I owned a great little catering and take out shop called Sweet Feed.  The town I lived in, Southern Pines, is an affluent horse community, much like Hamilton.  For more than a decade, I rode horses myself, and carved out a […]

How Big Is YOUR Appetite?

One of the first things a new customer will naturally ask is “What size meal should I get?” Here’s a little Chicken Or the Backstory. We started out with just one size: regular. A lot of our customers were avid Crossfitters, and let us know that they wanted more, more, more. So I created the adorable (albeit […]

Whale 30?

By Rachel. Say the doctor tells you you have one month to live.  What would you do with that 30 days?  Would you gather your family and go on a fantastic trip?  Learn how to fly a plane? Binge watch Game of Thrones…all 6 seasons?  Me, there’s no question what I’d do.  I’d pull my […]

Instant. Coffee.

I love instant coffee.  There, I said it. Confessed it. Owned it.  Instant coffee, powdered Coffeemate, and Stevia…a delicious, if not toxic concoction. I call it “My Coffee”.  I travel with My Coffee…yep, there I am in Wyoming at the Ranch with my own private stash of instant coffee and coffeemate.  My friends and family […]