When I Say, “Nut”, You Say, “Pod”!

.   Ready? “NUT!” (Insert pom pom rattle here.) I just want to say that I am so not a cheerleader. I have gone through much of life rattling no pom poms. I have donned no pleated skirt, and you will not have seen me leap into the air with cheery glee. I have shouted from […]

I’d Rather Call It Fork You.

BY ALLISON If you were with us from Day One, about a year ago, you probably remember “Get Wicked Healthy”. That was our name when we first opened, and to come up with that name Rachel and I had spent countless brainstorming hours and shed gallons of frustration-tears trying to name our fledging business. We’d each come […]

How Big Is YOUR Appetite?

One of the first things a new customer will naturally ask is “What size meal should I get?” Here’s a little Chicken Or the Backstory. We started out with just one size: regular. A lot of our customers were avid Crossfitters, and let us know that they wanted more, more, more. So I created the adorable (albeit […]