When you put your heart and soul into making all-natural and delicious food, it’s not surprising to get a lot of love back. We want you to be delighted with every meal we make.

I have noticed a big improvement when I eat your food now that I am close to gluten free. You're my life line to delicious food! MEGAN Z.

I have so far lost 25 pounds and feel fortunate to be able to order from Chicken or the Eggplant! DIEGO M.

Wow, that food was absolutely delicious. My husband and I polished off everything last night! SUSAN D.

My husband raves that you forget the meal is actually healthy because it's so darn good! JENN P.

Italian Sausage Stuffed Peppers are a 10/10 and reheated so well with the onions and mushrooms in there. Amazing! PAUL D.

5 star service from the ordering, check-out, delivery to the eating experience. Absolutely use them to keep yourself from cooking or to make healthy eating simple! MELISSA R.

It REALLY tastes homemade – without all the work! Healthy and satisfying. My kids loved the Cauliflower Mac. And the paleo muffins…amazing! - JENNIFER F. 

Brought my first order home today and immediately took a taste of everything. Absolutely delicious! Had the steak for dinner. So tender and perfectly cooked. Super happy I decided to try you out!  KERRY C.

Thanks girls for the weekly supply of awesomeness! - MATTHEW L.

Your food was so good I wolfed it down! MARLENE D.

Yes to Family Meatloaf, please! Oh holy night, I love that meatloaf!  MARIA L.

I loved your food! The mushroom soup was TO DIE FOR!!!! Incredible! LORA F.

Your Meals last week were awesome! Absolutely scrumptious, and generous portions seem to be able to make more that one meal which I really love. I could eat this every day. DON P.

We got meals for friends who just had a baby and the LOVED it! Thank you for being such a wonderful option to help friends who need some good healthy meals...just like we did. BETH J.

Everything was awesome!  The kids were raving about how good the turkey and gravy were, and the sides and the pie were everything I’d hoped they’d be.  Thanks for saving Thanksgiving!  SUE K.

I am in love!!! So thankful for this amazing business to be open in our town!! I wish you all the success in the world! LUCIA S.

I LOVE your food. Your choices are amazing and love everything is so healthy. I hate to cook so you have saved me and my family! I am so happy I found you.  LYNDIE D.

Oh, the curry was fantastic; somehow you exceed the ridiculously awesome standard you normally have.


We so loved the buffalo meatloaf this week.  Thank you for helping us be healthy!  KATE M.

I have noticed a big improvement when I eat your food now. Seems like you will be my life line to delicious food!  MEGAN Z.

The absolute best thing after a long day. You guys rock! Thanks for filling my belly and my heart! NICKI C.

The meals are so fresh and delicious - thank you so much! GWEN C.

This is the best thing that happens to me all week 🙂 LISA M.

My husband, who's a BIG eater, was completely satisfied with the portion size and could not believe the rice was actually cauliflower.

Is it too late to rename your business as "Marriage Saver Meal Delivery"? JENN P.

The Best. I can't think of a meal we have ordered that wasn't delicious...and we feel good eating it! It doesn't get any better than Rachel and her team...and their meatloaf. SCOTT J.

By the way, you guys have EXCELLENT customer service ALONG with incredible food (and delivery with a smile!). It's just what our community needs - I wish you nothing but success. CHRISTINA D.

You've made a huge difference in my life! This is a great place; the food is delicious. You are also reliable and very pleasant to deal with.  JEAN H.

Thanks you guys are amazing! My daughter has been taking the kid meals to school for lunch. Her request. Keep up the good work! KERRY D.

You guys are amazing and I'm so glad you exist! BECKAH R.

THE most scrumptious food on the planet. LENI H.

Omg - those cupcakes! Don't think twice, just order them! SO GOOD!! LAUREN M.

How can I put a price tag on my health?  Thank you for being so creative in your business, and so good at what you do. LINDA C.

We thoroughly enjoyed your/our family meal last evening, right down to the half piece of left over carrot cake which my daughter had with her coffee this morning. STEVIN C.

Rachel's meals are super flavorful and delicious.  Every week she introduces something different into the mix and changes it up to reflect seasonal changes. I always look forward to picking up my meals to see what's new! SCOTT S.

Your great food is making it easier to prove to my little boy that a celiac diagnosis doesn't mean the end of everything delicious. That's really priceless. WILLO L.

Thank you for saving me from the drudgery of cooking and cleaning. Everything was delicious, easy to heat and I didn't have to think about about what to throw together on a busy Monday night. Super healthy and super tasty. Thank you! KIM M.

The Beef and Bacon casserole, I've got to say, is my absolute favorite. I do hope that you can make again.....and again....and again.  DONALD P.

EVERYONE is raving about the food: My in-laws, my hair dresser,  and gym friends! CHRISTINA K.

Thanks for the amazing dinners last night. Those roasted veggies are incredible! JAY F.

The food IS delicious and it's so convenient for me! JANICE H.

Life would be much more complicated without your help every week. You food is delicious, the menu is creative, and we love how it is always changing. You are, without question, the best meal prep partner we have ever worked with. MIKE D.

Loved our order! we had breakfast for dinner on Thursday night and the blueberry pancakes were soooo yummy! My husband said they were the best tasting g-free substitute he’s tried since I went paleo-ish a year ago! CHELSEA K.

The blueberry muffins are dangerously delicious. I'm so happy to have found you! JENICA A.

The PaleoCrunch is super tasty, not too sweet, and hard to believe it's really good for you. Now I am having a healthier day too. MARTHA C.

This is the best concept. I find that it's more economical than grocery shopping for myself, since most of the produce I buy with good intentions gets thrown away. These are perfect portions, and easy to just heat up and eat. The food itself is hearty and flavorful. LAURA H.

Just started my morning with Diane Frampton's breakfast square. What a perfect way to start the morning. I'm ordering more next time! LIZ B.

You saved me from making my own gluten free options for my family gathering. Thank you! LISA M.

The PaleoCrunch is super tasty, not too sweet, and hard to believe it's really good for you. Now I am having a healthier day too. MARTHA C.

Monday's dinner was very tasty, and the portions are more than generous. BOB B.

You guys spoiled me! Now I want easy, tasty, guilt-less dinners every holiday! STEVE R.

Thanks for keeping our fridge stocked with healthy meals while I recover from surgery. Everything has been great - we all (kids included!) especially loved the meat loaf and chicken. MICHELLE R.

Both families absolutely LOVED their gifts and were so, so, so, so happy with the delicious and healthy food! ANDREA T.