How Rachel Got Here

(Note: Rachel wrote this during the eighth week of renovation, when she was SO ready to be back in the kitchen.) As I patiently wait for my little kitchen, my home, to be returned to me I can’t help but reminisce about our humble beginnings.  It’s hard not to get a little nostalgic when I […]

I don’t want to cook for myself.

By Rachel. I’ve been cooking for people pretty much my entire adult life.  Often, I’m amazed that I would be hired to do what, quite frankly, anyone can do themselves.  When I was catering and a customer would order a fruit bowl I’d think why in the world are you paying me to do this?  […]

When I Say, “Nut”, You Say, “Pod”!

.   Ready? “NUT!” (Insert pom pom rattle here.) I just want to say that I am so not a cheerleader. I have gone through much of life rattling no pom poms. I have donned no pleated skirt, and you will not have seen me leap into the air with cheery glee. I have shouted from […]

3, 2, 1, Phone Call!

    Oh my god, the workout last Monday!  Thrusters and double unders, in Crossfit lingo.  I call them double overs because I’m doubled over, gasping for air.  It was the 5th work out of the Crossfit Open, that annual challenge that reaffirms my inability to keep up. All day long I was receiving phone […]

I’d Rather Call It Fork You.

BY ALLISON If you were with us from Day One, about a year ago, you probably remember “Get Wicked Healthy”. That was our name when we first opened, and to come up with that name Rachel and I had spent countless brainstorming hours and shed gallons of frustration-tears trying to name our fledging business. We’d each come […]

The Visit

BY RACHEL Did you know I used to live in North Carolina? For twelve years.  I owned a great little catering and take out shop called Sweet Feed.  The town I lived in, Southern Pines, is an affluent horse community, much like Hamilton.  For more than a decade, I rode horses myself, and carved out a […]