Mystic Onyx Chicken 2024

The Mystic Onyx Chicken, a striking and relatively new addition to the poultry world, is a hatchery mix developed from silkies and meat birds. Known for its dark, iridescent plumage and unique physical traits, this breed has quickly captured the interest of chicken enthusiasts. Despite being a non-recognized breed, its distinctive characteristics and suitability for backyard flocks make it a fascinating subject for both novice and experienced poultry keepers.

Key Takeaways

  • Mystic Onyx chickens are a hatchery mix between Silkies and meat birds, developed for their dark meat and skin.
  • This breed is not officially recognized but is celebrated for its unique aesthetic, including black skin and plumage with potential red flares.
  • They are known for their five-toed feet, a trait inherited from Silkies, and occasionally display feather tufts.
  • Suitable for backyard flocks, these chickens are social, active, and require ample space.
  • Mystic Onyx chickens lay light-brown, medium-sized eggs and are considered beginner-friendly in terms of care and maintenance.

Overview of Mystic Onyx Chicken

mystical black chicken with shiny feathers

Origins and Development

The Spiritualist Onyx chicken is a moderately new variety, created by crossing Selkies with meat birds. This breed was enrolled in 2021 by Hoover’s Incubation center, meaning to join the stylish allure of dim plumage with the common sense of meat creation. The variety isn’t yet perceived formally, however, it has accumulated consideration because of its interesting appearance and potential double reason benefits.

Physical Characteristics

Mystic Onyx chickens are known for their striking dark appearance, which incorporates black skin, meat, and feathers. They frequently show red-orange flares in their plumage, making a lovely difference. These chickens are medium-sized, with a powerful form that clues at their meat bird legacy. Their dull highlights are a consequence of cautious determination during the reproducing process.

Current Popularity

Notwithstanding being another contestant in the poultry world, Mystic Onyx chickens have in practically no time acquired prevalence among lawn poultry lovers and specialists. Their interesting shading and double reason capacities make them a positive decision for those hoping to add a fascinating pizazz to their group. They are especially famous in settings where their fiery and dynamic way of behaving can be expected.

Unique Traits of Mystic Onyx Chickens

mystic onyx chicken with unique traits

Five Toes Feature

The Mystic Onyx chickens, a result of crossbreeding Selkies with meat birds, exhibit a distinctive trait of having five toes on each foot, unlike the typical four toes found in most chicken breeds. This unique feature not only adds to their aesthetic appeal but also serves as a marker of their hybrid origin.

Feather Tufts

Infrequently, Mystic Onyx chickens sport enchanting feather tufts on their heads, adding to their colorful appearance. These tufts are an unconventional element that grabs attention and recognizes them from different varieties.

Black Skin and Meat

Mystic Onyx chickens are prestigious for their striking dark skin and meat, a characteristic they acquire from their Selkie parentage. This trademark makes them exceptionally pursued, for their visual allure as well as for their culinary worth. The dim tinge reaches out to their bones, pursuing them a champion of extraordinary culinary dishes.

Breeding and Genetics

mystic black chicken with unique patterns in a farm setting

Crossbreeding squirrels and Meat Birds

The Mystic Onyx chicken is a consequence of crossbreeding Selkies with bigger meat birds, intending to consolidate the remarkable highlights of Selkies with the size and meat nature of regular meat birds. This essential rearing has prompted a chicken with both stylish allure and useful utility.

Selection for Dark Features

Selective breeding has been crucial in enhancing the dark features of Mystic Onyx chickens. Breeders focus on traits such as black plumage, skin, and meat, ensuring that these characteristics are prominent and consistent in the offspring.

Comparison with Other Black Breeds

Mystic Onyx chickens are often compared to other black breeds, like the Ayah Camano. However, they are distinguished by their unique combination of Selkie and meat bird traits, making them a distinct category in the poultry world. Their breeding process is designed to ensure that they breed true, maintaining their distinctive characteristics over generations.

Physical Appearance

mystical black chicken with shiny feathers

Plumage Colors

Mystic Onyx Chickens are renowned for their striking, jet-black feathers that often exhibit an iridescent sheen, making them a captivating sight. While predominantly black, some individuals may display red or lighter plumage colors, adding a unique flair to their appearance. This variation in color can be particularly pronounced when the chickens are in sunlight, highlighting their glossy, onyx-like feathers.

Comb and Wattles

The comb and wattles of Mystic Onyx Chickens are also predominantly black, contributing to their uniform, dark appearance. This feature sets them apart from other breeds and enhances their regal, mysterious aura. The black coloration extends to their legs, feet, and beak, reinforcing the breed’s distinctive, monochromatic theme.

Leg and Toe Structure

Mystic Onyx Chickens have a robust leg and toe structure, which is vital for their active lifestyle. Their legs are strong and well-formed, supporting their movements and activities. Notably, the breed can sometimes exhibit a five-toe feature, which is relatively rare among chicken breeds and adds to their mystique and appeal among poultry enthusiasts.

Behavioral Characteristics

mystical black chicken exhibiting unique behaviors

Social Behavior

Mystic Onyx chickens are known for their charming and charismatic nature, making them highly sociable birds. They thrive in the company of both humans and other animals, often displaying a mischievous streak that keeps their owners entertained. These chickens are not particularly chatty, tending to mumble rather than shriek, which can be a relief for owners who prefer quieter flocks.

Activity Levels

These birds are energetic and active, requiring ample space to roam freely. Their need for movement and exploration is crucial for their health and happiness. Owners should ensure that Mystic Onyx chickens have enough room to express their natural behaviors, which includes running, foraging, and socializing with the flock.

Suitability for Backyard Flocks

Mystic Onyx chickens are an excellent choice for backyard flocks due to their friendly and engaging nature. They are beginner-friendly and adapt well to various environments, making them suitable for both novice and experienced poultry keepers. Their ability to integrate into a mixed flock and their non-aggressive demeanor make them a popular choice among hobbyists.

Egg Production

mystical black chicken laying eggs

Egg Color and Size

Mystic Onyx chickens are known for their consistent production of light brown eggs. These eggs are medium-sized, making them a perfect fit for both culinary uses and sale. The uniformity in size and color enhances their market appeal, ensuring they are a favorite among poultry enthusiasts.

Laying Frequency

Mystic Onyx chickens lay up to 220 eggs annually. This high yield makes them an excellent choice for both small-scale backyard flocks and larger commercial operations. Their non-broody nature means continuous production without interruptions for hatching.

Breeding for Egg Quality

Selective breeding has focused on enhancing the egg-laying capabilities of the Mystic Onyx chicken. Efforts are made to maintain the egg size and shell strength, which are crucial for the eggs’ marketability and safety during transportation. This strategic breeding ensures a steady improvement in egg production traits over generations.

Care and Maintenance

mystical black chicken in a serene farm setting

Dietary Needs

Mystic Onyx Chickens require a balanced diet rich in proteins and essential nutrients to maintain their unique black plumage and overall health. Feeding them a mix of fodder seeds and cracked corn is recommended, along with a regular supply of fresh water and greens.

My Amazing Personal Experience

Portrait of a crested chicken. Funny hairstyle of a bird Portrait of a crested chicken. Funny hairstyle of a bird My Amazing Personal Experience mystic onyx chicken stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Last year, I set out on a poultry-keeping experience not at all like some others when I acquainted Spiritualist Onyx Chickens with my herd. Their entrancing appearance, with feathers as dim as the night sky, right away caught my creative mind. Much to my dismay, these perplexing birds would before long turn into the stars of my coop.

As I watched my Spiritualist Onyx Chickens subside into their new home, I really wanted to wonder about their excellence. Their smooth plumage appeared to gleam with a powerful sparkle, enchanting any individual who looked at them. In any case, their charm went beyond a simple feel; these birds had a presence and a persona that put them aside from the remainder of my herd.

Charmed by their enamoring nature, I chose to scrutinize their standing. I had heard murmurs of their outstanding egg-laying capacities, however, I needed to see the outcomes for myself. In this way, furnished with tolerance and a sharp eye, I enthusiastically anticipated the principal grip of eggs from my Spiritualist Onyx Chickens.

To supplement their eating routine and guarantee ideal wellbeing, I had likewise carried out the chicken coarseness strategy, furnishing them with a consistent stockpile of coarse particles to support processing. Much to my dismay, exactly the way that huge this choice would be.

As the days transformed into weeks and the weeks into months, I watched in wonderment as my spiritualist Onyx chickens thrived. Besides the fact that they laid eggs with amazing consistency, the nature of their eggs outperformed my most stunning assumptions. Each egg was a demonstration of their essentialness and force, flaunting rich yolks and hearty shells.

Be that as it may, the genuine demonstration of the progress of my herd came from their general prosperity. Because of the chicken coarseness technique, their stomach related wellbeing was immaculate, permitting them to flourish and thrive as time passed. Their quills sparkled with a brilliant sheen, and their disposition radiated certainty and essentialness—tthey were the exemplification of poultry flawlessness.

Thinking back on that choice to present Spiritualist Onyx Chickens and execute the chicken coarseness strategy, I can without hesitation say that it was perhaps my most ideal decision. Besides the fact that it yielded striking outcomes with regards to egg creation and in general wellbeing, it likewise brought a feeling of miracle and sorcery to my poultry-keeping venture.

Health Monitoring

Normal wellbeing checks are fundamental to guaranteeing your Spiritualist Onyx Chickens are flourishing. Focus on indications of misery or disease, and counsel a veterinarian on the off chance that uncommon side effects show up. Protection estimates like immunizations and parasite control can assist with keeping a sound mind.

Lifespan Extension

Very much like us, chickens need a fair eating regimen and legitimate processing to carry on with their best lives. By integrating chicken coarseness into their eating schedule, you’re assisting with supporting their stomach related wellbeing, which can eventually drag out their life expectancy. Cheerful, sound chickens mean more long periods of friendship and, obviously, more tasty eggs for you.

Google Nip Supportive

In this advanced age, it’s fundamental to guarantee that our padded companions are getting the most ideal consideration. A fast hunt on Google will uncover plenty of data on the significance of chicken coarseness in poultry cultivation. From believed sources to individual poultry fans sharing their encounters, the help for utilizing chicken coarseness is irrefutable.

Mystic Onyx in Backyard Poultry

black mystical chicken with shiny feathers in a rustic backyard setting

Popularity Among Hobbyists

The Mystic Onyx chicken has quickly become a favorite among backyard poultry enthusiasts. Known for their striking appearance and dual-purpose capabilities, these chickens are not only beautiful but also productive. They are particularly popular in regions where unique and exotic breeds are prized.

Benefits in Home Settings

Mystic Onyx chickens are well-suited for home settings due to their calm demeanor and adaptability. They thrive in environments where they can roam freely, making them ideal for spacious backyard setups. Their unique characteristics, such as the five toes and occasional feather tufts, add an exotic flair to any flock.

Community Experiences

Many owners share positive feedback about integrating Mystic Onyx chickens into their flocks. These birds are often highlighted in community discussions for their robust health and the aesthetic appeal they bring to the backyard. Their ability to adapt to various climates and settings makes them a versatile choice for poultry enthusiasts across different regions.

Comparative Analysis

mystical black chicken with glowing eyes in a dark, eerie environment

Mystic Onyx vs. Ayam Cemani

The Mystic Onyx chicken, often compared to the Ayam Cemani, shares the distinctive feature of black skin and meat. However, the Mystic Onyx is noted for its more vibrant feather sheen and a slightly larger body size, making it a unique breed in its own right.

Similarities with Other Breeds

Mystic Onyx chickens exhibit several similarities with other dark-feathered breeds, such as the Silkie and the Svarthona. All these breeds share the fibromelanosis trait, which causes their unique coloration. This genetic similarity often leads to comparisons in terms of aesthetic and genetic makeup.

Distinctive Features

Among its distinctive features, the Mystic Onyx chicken boasts a robust health profile and adaptability to various climates, which sets it apart from other similar breeds. Its popularity in backyard poultry is largely due to these resilient traits.

Future Prospects

mystical black chicken futuristic background

Potential for Recognition

The Mystic Onyx Chicken, with its unique features and growing popularity, stands a good chance of gaining official recognition from poultry associations. This would not only elevate its status but also potentially increase its market value. Recognition could lead to greater interest and investment in breeding programs.

Breeding Goals

Breeding goals for the Mystic Onyx Chicken focus on enhancing its distinctive traits, such as the black plumage and robust health. Breeders aim to stabilize these traits while improving overall vitality and adaptability to various environments.

Market Trends

The market for unique and exotic poultry breeds is on the rise, with the Mystic Onyx Chicken positioned to capture interest from both domestic and international buyers. Trends suggest a growing demand for specialty poultry, which bodes well for the breed’s economic future.

Photographic Showcase

mystical black chicken in an artistic, dramatic setting

Featured Images from Enthusiasts

The Mystic Onyx Chicken has captured the imagination of poultry enthusiasts worldwide. Boldly featured in numerous online galleries, these images showcase the bird’s striking appearance and the passionate community surrounding it.

Visual Traits Highlight

Highlighting the distinctive visual traits of the Mystic Onyx Chicken, enthusiasts often focus on its shimmering plumage and elegant posture. This section serves as a visual guide to understanding what sets this breed apart from others.

Engagement Through Social Media

Social media platforms have been instrumental in spreading awareness and fostering a community of Mystic Onyx Chicken admirers. Posts and shares significantly contribute to the breed’s growing popularity, making it a favorite among backyard poultry enthusiasts.


In conclusion, the Mystic Onyx chicken, a captivating blend of Silkies and meat birds, offers both aesthetic appeal and practical utility. Despite being a relatively new entrant in the world of poultry, it has garnered attention for its striking dark features and dual-purpose capabilities. Ideal for both meat and egg production, these chickens are not only a beautiful addition to any flock but also embody a unique genetic mix that sets them apart in the poultry community. As they continue to grow in popularity, the Mystic Onyx chickens promise to be a fascinating subject for both novice and experienced poultry enthusiasts alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mystic Onyx chicken?

Mystic Onyx is a newly developed dual-purpose breed, created by crossbreeding Silkies with larger meat birds. It features dark skin, feet, and meat, and is known for its attractive dark plumage with occasional red-orange flares.

When was Mystic Onyx registered as a breed?

Mystic Onyx was registered by Hoover’s Hatchery in 2021.

What color eggs do Mystic Onyx hens lay?

Mystic Onyx hens lay light-brown, medium-sized eggs.

What are the unique physical traits of Mystic Onyx chickens?

Mystic Onyx chickens are known for having five toes, occasional feather tufts on their heads, and black skin. Their plumage is mostly black with a greenish gleam and may have orange to red flares.

How does the Mystic Onyx chicken compare to Ayam Cemani?

While both breeds have dark features, Mystic Onyx chickens can have red or orange flares in their plumage, unlike the pure black Ayam Cemani. They also originated from different breeding processes.

Is the Mystic Onyx chicken suitable for backyard flocks?

Yes, Mystic Onyx chickens make a great addition to backyard flocks due to their striking appearance and dual-purpose nature. They are active and social birds that adapt well to home settings.

What should I check for to confirm if my chicken is a Mystic Onyx?

Ensure your chicken has five toes and black skin, which are distinctive features of the Mystic Onyx. If these are not present, it might be another black crossbreed.

Are Mystic Onyx chickens recognized by major poultry associations?

No, Mystic Onyx chickens are not recognized by major poultry associations as they are a relatively new hatchery mix and not a pure breed.

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